Monday, September 12, 2011

My Music Monday

There isn't really a website for Jenny & Johnny.

Jenny, is Jenny Lewis of solo work "fame" and a former member of the now defunct Rilo Kiley.  I was not a fan of the band, and her solo work is spotty at best.

She paired with Jonathan Rice from, while not obscurity, he was less of a household name than she.......and Lewis isn't really in the mainstream of anything.

But their pairing had one of her best outings for sure.  I still don't or can't sit through the disk start to finish, but I do like a lot of the songs on I'm Having Fun Now.

One of those is "Animal".

While there is no "official" video for the song, this is a live performance backstage somewhere in Europe.

As stripped down as you think this might be, it's not too far off what you get on the album.  I like the rawness of it, but Rice's almost Asperger's like performance is a little unnerving.  Pffffft.....artists.

Sorry - the embedding feature does not seem to be working today.  I'll link to it here and see if I can fix the problem.  Sorry for inconvenience.

UPDATE (a week later): Oh, I figured it all out. Some HTML issues from paste to publish.

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