Monday, September 05, 2011

My Music Monday

Yes, it is Labor Day. And yes it is Monday.

I do not have a good enough of a Labor Day story or anecdote to push-off a My Music Monday. Hell, I didn't even try to eke out a themed entry to include something regarding work.

But the end of last week, I updated my car iPod (read: decommissioned iPod when I got my iPhone that now resides in my car) and while I delete some music I should have never had on there in the first place, I added some new stuff.

However, as I drove to Columbus for a few hours on Saturday, I started hearing some archived songs that I made a mental list of having to post here. The joke is - I now remember two of them. Damned shuffle and my short-term memory.

At least I am giving you one of the two.

Robert Palmer has a great great song - well a number of them - but all the good ones are before he did the schlock-fest of "Addicted to Love" and "Simply Irresistible". Don't even get me started on the Power Station.

No, I'm going back to 1980 with his Clues album. with "Johnny and Mary".

Recorded with what is I'm thinking only five notes, "Johnny and Mary" truly works.  While I clearly enjoy the song, I really like the 2:47 mark, when Palmer uses all five notes in a row!!!  I know it sounds weird to most all, but it has always struck a 'chord' (HA!) with me.  And while the song is 31 years old {yikes}, it doesn't seem dated - at least not to me.

The video is totally dated, as all 1980s videos are. It's a little Shields & Yarnell-y.  Again, I try to make the post about the song and not the video and just have to use video as the vessel for the tune.

I hope you enjoy.


Birdie said...

Shields & Yarnell! How do you remember these things? Those were the days.

white cloud ecigs said...
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