Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon

This was a group effort.  Kind of.

First off, I didn't even see the car or plate to begin with.  That was my better half's observation.

It was, however, my idea to take a picture of it - as I am apt to do.  But only my idea.  I was driving and couldn't, so Denton was my puppet and did what I said.   Ok......that sounds bad.  He agreed to my request - is that better?

I have no idea if the driver was female or not, but you kind of hope they were.....and that they own it.

Of course, it is possible probable that the plate doesn't even mean to spell out C U Next Tuesday.   But here is hoping that they pulled one over on the Ohio DMV.

Song by:  the Moody Blues


anne marie in philly said...


rebecca said...

LOL -- all I saw for a sec was coconut!

Anonymous said...

I can't get that song "I'm your puppet" out of my mind.

cb said...

I'm sure they just meant "three C and NT"