Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I haven't posted a dream in a long long time.

Remember when I used to post many, in great detail?  I haven't been remembering my dreams as much as I used to.  But now and again I have unsettling dreams.  Not nightmares, not totally disturbing ones, but the kind that leave you feeling uncomfortable.

The point of this post isn't to tell you my actual dream.  It dealt with loss and being left behind and looking for what was now missing.

I'm no armchair psychologist, but I would venture to guess it had to do with the break-in and robbery of last week.  Overall, except for being a prisoner in my own house when I'm here working during the day, I haven't felt the creepiness factor I thought I would of having someone in the house while I was here.  That feeling I predicted a week ago would come just has not.  Unless you count REM cycles.

But even the dreams aren't outwardly disturbing like the Panic Room.  Sure, Jodie Foster is way more manly than I am, but for most who entered that house, it did not end well for most of them.

What I hated about this dream, and I have had it with others, is that I know it is a dream.  I'm not so far into my sleep cycle that I'm conscious it is a dream.  I feel I'm pretty much awake, but unable to alter or exit the storyline in my head.

It's not only frustrating, but when I do wake up fully I'm out of sorts and either upset or mad.  Yes, I've woken up mad - normally at Denton - about something I dreamed that wasn't even real.

Unfortunately, this has occurred the last few nights and leaving me under-rested.  That is not good.  You don't want me tired and off my game.  It's never pretty.

Song by:  Grace Slick


Sean said...

It's always weird to wake up mad because of a dream but it happens and you just can't shake it. Hope you get more rest soon.

Cubby said...

There is only one sure cure: tequila.

rebecca said...

Come on, tell us the dream!

Ur-spo said...

Pesky things, dreams; but pay attention never the less.