Thursday, September 15, 2011

Barrel of a Gun

I thought I should clear something up a bit from yesterday's post.

I have no intention of getting a gun.  Denton has no intention of us getting a gun.

Like the post said, it was a hair-trigger (yes, a pun) reaction. It was fleeting thought and never serious.  I said I'm not a gun person - and I'm not.  We're not.  No way would we really want one in our house.  I don't believe any good can come from that.

And to react to 'Anonymous''s comment yesterday,  I won't be getting a 'dong' either.

I have one.  It's a really big nice one too, though no doubt it could scare off one or two people, even a burglar.  And while I do believe a 'dong' will love me more than a gun, but it will only be for a few years and then the interest just wanes.  It's nature.

I met with another police officer yesterday who did another once-around of the house and to check on the neighborhood in general.  I suppose my call made some kind of impact - I don't know if it will be long term, but right now I will take what I can get.

And I am still working with the insurance company.  ...and plotting my next Apple move.

In some regards, I'd like to get an iPad instead of a MacBook, but I don't think I can really do the blog thing that easily or effective on an iPad.  I think I can do some video but I'm not sure how much.  Who out there knows these things?   Are people syncing their iPhone to their iPad?

Even though Denton has had one, I can count on one hand the number of minutes I've used one, so I know very little about.   So I have some time to figure it out, what I want, what I can do on it.  The plus for the iPad only is, I can take it with me on business trips and it won't get stolen - at least from our house.

It's the small victories.

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Cubby said...

I'm a total 5th grader. I'm still giggling about Anonymous's comment.

"Are people syncing their iPhone to their iPad?" I think that's all going to change a few weeks from now when Apple releases iOS 5. People will no longer sync their devices to each other. They will sync them to Apple's iCloud.

I found my iPad is good for "light duty". Reading blogs and news, watching movies while I do cardio at the gym, and playing games.

Anything that requires a lot of typing is a major chore on it, and that damned autocorrect 'feature' should be classified as a crime against humanity. Personally, I think I'd rather do just about anything than try to write out a blog entry on my iPad.

Sean said...

I think your initial gut reaction to get a gun was natural: you felt invaded and wanted to defend yourself and we have been socialized to believe that a gun is the ultimate symbol of defense and strength. It was an emotional response. I'm glad you aren't getting one, though. The dong, on the other hand...I am truly sorry for the home invasion and theft and the cracks in your sense of safety and security - I hope you recover from this quickly and that all of your efforts prevent anything worse happening with your data.

I have a macbook pro, iPad and iPhone. I sync both my iPad and iPhone to my macbook and I think some kind of cross-syncing goes on between the phone and pad but nothing I have done intentionally, as apps I download on one tend to appear on the other, too. I am not very techy and can't tell you much, but my iPad is kind of my travel companion and acts as a more favorable portable computer than the iPhone. i will do text only posts from it, via e-mail, but i do find it a pain to try to do anything more direct at my actual blog sight on wordpress. I love my ipad for bringing to aiting rooms, work for breaks and lunch, car travel, and visits to hotels and friends' homes, but the macbook is my preferred tool for anything I want to do that's more involved (movies, photo editing, blogging with images or vids, record keeping, etc.) I think they all serve a great purpose for me and I can't imagine not having any of them now. Sorry, I'm sure this doesn't help much.

Anonymous said...

It has come to my attention that Will didn’t actually recommend getting a “dong”…at least not directly. Sorry Will.

“And to react to 'Anonymous''s comment yesterday, I won't be getting a 'dong' either”

Sure, that’s what they all say.

BTW you having a “nice dong” is a relative term. Does your dong give flowers? Does it do community service? How nice is it?

(Cubby it was all for you man)

In my defense I didn’t say the dong would protect you better than a gun – just love you more. Of course dongs require some protecting as well – and love…or is that us? I am going to stop here as this just brings up so many complicated questions…

Will J said...

Perhaps my comment was mispelled out of context. However, I firmly believe that it is always a good thing to have a few nice dongs around the house and some that are compatible when you travel.

Erik Rubright said...

I'm still not a fan of our iPad. The keyboard drives me nuts. I'd rather use my desktop PC than the iPad most of the time. When I don't have my iPhone handy. ;-)

Theaterdog said...

I have a suggestion that the macbook air is better than the ipad especially if you are writing.
I couldn't wait for an ipad 2, now, it just isn't that great.
You can use a wireless keyboard with the ipad, but that defeats the purpose. Screen is a bit too small.
I think it is for convenience mostly. I love synching with .me, so icloud should be great.
Glad to see this post, and it is really funny.