Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Site of the Month

This one is really brought to you from my friend, David G.

Have you heard of Buffalax style video?  Yeah, me neither, but I'm not was worldly as Mr. G.  Who is?
Anyhoo.....apparently it is taking foreign videos and trying to Anglicize a degree.

Someone takes the foreign word and tries to replace it with what sounds like an English equivalent.  Not a translation.  Nooooo......not even close.

David did the work for me.  He looked any number of videos and said this was the best one:  So Lumpy in My Blue Jeans.

To his credit, I did watch a number of others myself and perhaps it is the power of his suggestion, but I agree that Lumpy is the best of the best.  ....of what few I actually sat all the way through.

After you watch the video, or to to the site, you can see others in the same category.  It's a decent time waster, if not a little racist.

For now, I'll just embed Lumpy right here for all of you.

So Lumpy In My Blue Jeans - with Fake Subtitles ( Buffalax Style ) from electricdonkey on Vimeo.


Ur-spo said...

interesting, indeed !

iain said...

You missed this one Mr B:

Greg said...

Best. Video. EVER!

cb said...

Lamb meat! Lamb meat! Lamb meat! Lamb meat!