Tuesday, September 21, 2010

White Knuckles

Morty brought me to today's blog entry. He showed me the new OK GO video. Pretty frickin' new as when I viewed it on youtube, I was the only the 745th person to do so. And it had only been uploaded a day earlier.

Like many of their songs, the music is just ok (ha!), but I love their no-edit approach to video making. One continual filming process and all of them are incredibly intricate and well executed. The guys are just innovative. I'm sure the video maker is too, but the guys are the ones who have to pull it off (that's what she said!).

It's a bonus that all the doggies are rescues (according to the Mort-man). They are so damned cute.

While I like the video, you know my thing on showing vids as blog posts - they are treading water. But that's what you get for the next 10 days or so. Like I said, work is kicking my ass, so tons of time will not be going into my blog - not that it all hasn't been done on the fly to begin with. I mean, for g-d's sake, I was blogging about Lindsay-Fucking-Lohan yesterday. Ugh.

So here you have it.....the new OK GO video:

Song by: OK GO


Cubby said...

Very nice :-)

Birdie said...

I like their sense of fun. Who cares if the music isn't a classic?

Anonymous said...

You put way more time into this post then most would. You wrote 4 paragraphs, explained why you like the video and what the video is about. Most other bloggers would give their post a title like, "This is Cool" and post the video.

Blobby said...

@DJ I'm sure Ted could do all that stuff.