Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Last Day of Summer

Wow, I missed the last day of summer. The official day. Most would call it when Labor Day arrived, but I like to eke out every possible day there is. Cleveland winters are long and cold, so I'm not giving up a day to that shitty season.

It's not a news to tell you guys it was a brutal summer, heat-wise. It has cooled down for the now near autumn months, but we still are having days in the upper 80s. Again, I'll take it.

The image you see is sunrise at Cleveland Hopkins Airport on that, the last day of summer.

I was on my way, and currently am now in, Fayetteville, NC: home of nothing.

Well, not nothing. Ft. Bragg is nearby as is most chain restaurants., but it's not the place I would be taking a vacation, if I had 1,294,391 places to decide on.

It's work. It's all about work these days. No fun for Blobby. Stress and heart palpitations, which can't really be good - right? And little to no workouts for me this week. Maybe, we'll see. I'm not highly optimistic.

I do, however, later in the week, get to check off a state that I've have not yet been to. I'm not sure that will be the highlight of the week or not.

Either way - welcome to Autumn. It's here whether you like it or not.

Song by: Kirsty MacColl


Cubby said...

"...heart palpitations..." Blobby, WTF? I sense there's a lot more you're not telling us. Spill.

Birdie said...

"Home of nothing" = laugh out loud.

Sounds like stress is winning there, bud. Please take care of yourself.

anne marie in philly said...

watch out for those gay-bashing military types down there!

Wonder Man said...

Yeah, I'm following Cubby here... I hope you are okay