Monday, September 13, 2010

12 of 12

So I'm doing my seventh 12 of 12. 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone.

Created by Chad Darnell (thanks Chad!) and picked up from, what I can tell, a number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. He intends 2010 to be his final year of doing this, but hopefully someone will pick it up from there. Time will tell.

It's not my most exciting 12 of 12, or most creative. But it is all I got.

07:05. The Sunday Plain Dealer. It says so right there. I don't get the title exactly. It's not like it ever says Thursday Plain Dealer (well, on Thursdays, I mean). I'm a half-educated man. I know what day of the week it is.

09:15. Sophie and her Technicolor Dream String. It's been her favourite toy for about three years. We have to hide it at times, because she wants us to play with it for hours at a time, with no break. We broke it out after Tovah died two weeks ago, and Soph drags the string (and its lucite handle) around everywhere...including up to bed in the middle of the night.

10:59. Apple iPhone iOS 4.1 update. Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), Denton had downloaded the software a day or so earlier. As it took over 4 hours (!!!!) for him to do it, the 15 minute transfer from his Mac wasn't so so painful.

11:15. A Cedar Point drawing of me, circa 1967-68. As you can tell by the drawing I was quite cranky that day. My head isn't that (nor was it ever) that large. Damn fuckin' caricaturists - taking your biggest flaw and accentuating it.

11:30. Laundry. Hey, someone has to do it. That someone? Me.

13:30. Let the yard work begin. A rake for the thatch for Denton. Loppers to cut tons of crap down for me. But only the picture of the rake.

16:00. One of the debris piles from things that were cut down, pruned or in the case of that railroad, taken out of the ground. This entire pile was about 1/10th of the size of the big one. I tried getting picture of that, but it ended up looking like a big bush.

16:30. Chimney on the house liked the look of the blue sky, the green trees and the off-white column.

16:40. This came out a lot differently than I anticipated, but not in a bad way. I was trying to get the glitter of the water coming from our new sprinkler system, but the sun coming through the trees was brighter in camera settings than what I was seeing from my own eye.

17:00. The tools I use three times a week to take care of the hair on my head. This $29 gizmo paid for itself with less than two haircuts - 10 years ago. I've saved a fortune.

17:15. Freshly shorn. Head. Eye brows. Beard.
Man my big nose even looks bigger from that angle. ...and those lines in my forehead. Yowza!

18:00. Suitcase packed. I'm headed to Chicago for two days. Just need to add like two things and I'll be ready for a 06:45 departure to the airport.

....and now your Baker's Dozen.......

20:20. Yes, hours later and Sophie is still going at it with the string. She drags it over to one of us and talks and talks and talks until one of us caves in and plays with her. Who the hell needs a dog?


AJohnP said...

Sophie is CUTE!!! I love that she bothers you until you play with her. That sounds VERY familiar.

david Joseph said...

Wow, I love the Saving Private Ryan clippers.

Birdie said...

What's with the Jack Russell on the window seat? Your Sophie is almost as cute as my Sophie. Clearly yours is in charge, though. You OWE her playtime as staff should.

Joni said...

I love your window seat. Only thing I really wanted in this house that I didn't get. :-(

Enjoyed your 12 of 12. Thanks for sharing your day.

Cubby said...

That caricature doesn't look anything like you, except for your pointy eyebrows. Awww, I'm sorry Blobby, that just slipped out :-)

Blobby said...

First David: It is Shaving Ryan's Privates

Birdie - the Jack Russell is from Becky. Sophie was VERY interested in him at firt but now ignores him. I don't think he's a good intro to a real dog.

Joni - we have a corresponding window seat on the opposite side of the room too. The cats love them to bird watch.

@Cubby - I'm not even acknowledging you.

anne marie in philly said...

"As you can tell by the drawing I was quite cranky that day." - so what's different about that day than every other day since, huh? LOL you can ignore me too, if you like.

your sophie and my meredith could be sisters - they look so much alike.

thanks for sharing and have a good week!

Wonder Man said...

Sophie is almost like my cat, Hera. And I wish I could pack like that for 2 days

Matt said...

Sophie is gorgeous.

I love the pic of the chimney - the sky is incredible!

And nice buzz cut. :)

tornwordo said...

I love sophie's string fetish. And at first I thought you had a stuffed Georgie on your window seat!

Jill said...

Sophie & her string - isn't it funny the way they obsess over things, kind of like humans sometimes. I'm very sorry to hear of your loss of Tovah.

My favorite is the sunlight photo, the red rays make it look like a shining flower. :)

Dogeared said...

That sun/water drops photo is awesome! And I love how Sophie is obsessed by her technicolour string - it's so odd how certain toys have enduring appeal and it's so hard for us to predict which ones those will be sometimes!

(sorry my comment is late!)