Friday, September 17, 2010

Stick With Me Baby

It's that time of year again: Flu Shot time.

I know that some of you aren't down with getting the shot. You say it doesn't work. You say it gives you the flu. You say it hurts.

You probably know my responses to that by now.

Of course it is going to hurt. Not as much the needle (which is teeny tiny) as it is a foreign substance going in your body. Of course the body reacts to that. But the flu serum is a dead virus and does not give you the flu. It cannot give you the flu. It cannot.

Might you get a fever or a slight ache from a foreign substance being injected into you? Sure, but that is not the flu. So save it and your excuses.

And guess what, you still might get the flu. Nothing is 100%......except for Sarah Palin being a clueless wench who has more than milked her 15 hours of fame. But you know what the flu shot helps with?? If you are a carrier - even if you do (or not) get the flu - it can stop you passing on those germs to others.

Yes, one could say to get a flu shot for yourself, but maybe you could do it for others. You know how selfish I am, and yet you see how selfless I'm being.

Don't you wanna be more like me?

......yeah, I thought so!

Song by: Robert Plant & Alison Krauss


Cubby said...

Boy, you've really let this 'Captain of the Wellness Team' thing go to your head!

I scheduled a flu shot for Monday. Thanks for the reminder.

A Lewis said...

Soon. Very very soon.

Birdie said...

I get the shot so my husband won't get the flu. I have inherited an immune system that keeps colds and flu to a minimum: very mild reaction most of the time, and few infections. Believe me, I am always grateful for this, especially when I see my husband or son decked by the same germ that was mildly irritating to me. (Daughter got the same gene I did.)

anne marie in philly said...

I am getting one this weekend at our local walgreens. I do it cause I have chronic asthma; yes, I am a selfish bitch.

cb said...

after being afflicted with h1n1 last year, I'll be getting a shot this year.