Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Tower of Learning

You know, nine years later and it is still a painful memory. The images, the thoughts, the grief is still palpable.

...and I'm not talking about mosques being built near the site. For the record, I'm ok with it. Not all people of Islam are terrorists, just like all catholics are not pedophiles. It is ludicrous to hold millions of people responsible for the actions of 19.

And while I am not for the burning of the Qur'ān, I am a fan of free speech, even if I don't like the sentiment, words or actions - and there is so much of that in free speech.

Just so that douchebag pastor in Florida realizes that his precious new testament can be torched too. There are prices to pay for that kind of free speech, and we'll see them and live through the actions of others who hide behind it.

Of course now that man of g-d, says he won't burn the Qur'ān ever, even if a mosque is built near Ground Zero, but he's done his job hasn't he? He will wash his hands of it all, even though he's put out the idea and someone else takes up the actual task, and you know they will.

My take on stopping the burning of the Qur'ān was similar to the above image. Not so much the NYT best seller list, but to imply to the group that they were funding Islamic terrorist, since of course to burn the book, they'd have to go buy the book - since it is doubtful they had a copy laying around like when they torched Slaughterhouse-Five.

The one thing I have seen with 9/11 is that, except for these someecards, and a Family Guy/fake James Woods snippet or two, there are no jokes about it. I'm not saying there should or shouldn't be, but just hours after the Challenger blew up, there were jokes all over the place and that was before the internets. I don't know where the tragedy/joke line in the sand actually exists.

The image at the title, I have sent to my man-date, Scott for the last three or four years. His birthday is today. I was almost so horrified to hit 'send', since I wasn't 100% sure what his reaction would be. I said 'almost'. He loved it. And I don't ever need Facebook to remember his birthday. .....still, it sucks to be him.

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Cubby said...

The psychos over at Westboro Baptist said that if the Florida psycho doesn't do it, they would. Soon there will be more psychos creating images of Muhammad, and even greater offense. I think we may be past the point of no return Blobby. The culture of hate is alive and well in America.

anne marie in philly said...


we let them have their say in the name of free speech, and look where we are. sad, really.

Ur-spo said...

I have a niece whose birthday is today. She too feels 'gipped' by fate/history. I hope Scott can nevertheless have a happy day.

Birdie said...

The riots in the Middle East sparked by Jones' earlier announcement have already caused at least one death. I place the blame squarely on this "Christian," who apparently skipped the "love one another" commandment.

Wonder Man said...

I hope your friend has a good birthday

Raybeard said...

Any reasonable person must be relieved that the pastor did not go ahead with the burning. But my relief does not arise out of respect for the Koran or indeed for the feelings of Muslims, in spite of what politicians like to spout out. It's just that I don't want the hotheads among the latter to get an additional excuse to resort to their primitive and unintelligent reaction for yet further murder, though sometimes it hardly seems that they need any excuse at all.
Okay, so we're not allowed to write books or articles that offend them. We can't write or put on plays which do the same. We can't draw or print cartoons likewise. We can't make films ditto. - Isn't it more than a little sad that the parameters of OUR OWN 'acceptable' behaviour have been shrunk down purely because of the threat that the creator of such, and others, associated or not, will be murdered by those who feel offended at their work? So what's the antidote to this pathetic state of affairs? Wait a few hundred more years for enough influential and more enlightened Muslims to come to the fore and preach tolerance? I'm not sure that I want to wait that long!

tornwordo said...

I'm a little annoyed at how Facebook was just dripping with the "never forget" crap yesterday. It irritates me that we do this whole victim dance every year. We went and slaughtered 140000 Iraqi civilians, but we are the victims? We got over Oklahoma City pretty quickly and even Columbine, but this we can't get over? I'd say it's time.