Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thoughts in My Head

As I sit in the airport coming home from Oklahoma, I thought I'd reflect on my thoughts. Of course, isn't that what I've been doing ad nauseum for the last eight years?? Here, I mean. In reality, I've been doing it my entire life - even pre-verbal.

I mean more specifically about OK.

It wasn't a bad trip. The highway I took was not heavily populated and I loved that fact the speed limit is 75 mph....which is almost 85 in Blobby terms. Even the construction zone limits are Ohio's maximum speed limits. You gotta love that! I mean, unless you're a road worker and get hit by a car going 65. Eh - that's what life insurance is for, I suppose.

This one thing on the road annoyed me.

If you enlarge the image you might catch the foible of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. PikePass. Cash. Exact Change. However, the fees are posted after you get through the fucking toll booth. Total Fail.

Another total fail of this turnpike, or maybe it's just the state, the part of road I was on was 78 miles long. Not one exit. No place for food, gas or lodging if one needed it.

Most importantly, not one rest area. Sure, there were two pic-a-nic (say like Yogi) areas with no toilets or port-a-potties, or even tall fields to unleash in.

Maybe Oklahomans can hold it better than us city folks. Naturally, I wondered, what would Tornwordo or Morty do?

But I wonder that a lot when it comes to pooping (oh g-d, I've become Morty and Torn!). How and where do they do it when scaling Everest?? Sure, maybe at Base Camp I get, but not up on Camp 4. No way.

Or those huge huge huge music festivals where there are 500,000 folks and you're up near the stage and then get an urge to go. You're kind of screwed by the time you make it past the crowd, let alone waiting in line of the poopery.

I'm just thinking. Always thinkin'....

I didn't get a chance to take a pic of the poles all over town that literally have two dozen sirens on them for tornado warnings. But it is nice to know that the airport bathrooms double as tornado shelters. I guess if you're gonna have the crap scared out of you, this is the place to do it. The dept of transportation might want to look into this for their turnpikes.

This cracked me up. You might have to enlarge. Yes, many airlines are trying to make extra cash by selling food, early boarding and/or better seats. United tried that last one for $39 a pop. No one took them up on it.

But if you look at this, the normal crappy constrained seating is called 'classic'. LOL. Is anyone falling for that?? Besides the folks in marketing?

Anyway - just some random thoughts by Blobby.

Song by: Forest for the Trees


Raybeard said...

But isn't there that song in 'Oklahoma!' with the line - "You can walk to privies in the rain and never wet your feet."? Oh, sorry, just remembered - the song is in praise of Kansas City. Too bad!

A Lewis said...

Does the STRETCH seating work widthwise too??

And my trip along the Massachusetts Turnpike provided the same stupid signs and misinformation.

Unknown said...

The fees being posted after the toll is just stupid. And not so unusual.

As you drive in to the Toronto airport, the listing of what airline is in what terminal is after the intersection where you choose what terminal to go towards. Yep, morons.