Monday, September 20, 2010


I actually pulled this someecard card off weeks ago and had it archived for...well....I don't know when. I just knew that some day it would come in handy.

It seems the web gossip - and by that I mean - is going on about that Ms. Lohan has failed multiple random drug tests since leaving jail and rehab.....less than a month ago. Multiple.

I get that drug addiction is a disease and not easy to overcome. Trust me, I know. I was never an addict (isn't that what all addicts say?), but when it's in front of know....sometimes one will partake. And I did.

But of course, I was never in jail or rehab. Nor did I have the threat hanging over me that if I failed a drug screen that I would be sent back to both those places.

So drug addiction is a disease. Stupidity is not.

Allegedly those 'random' drug tests were multiple times per week. PER WEEK!

How fucking stupid are you really that you think that shit is out of your system by the possible next day? I get that you probably didn't finish high school or get your GED, but c'mon........... even a lack-of-talent has to know how that works.

My favourite is her tweet about it: "doing what I must do to prevent any mishaps in the future."

You mean, like not putting blow up your nose? .....or wherever she's putting it?

Personally, I blame the jail system (not the courts)...and the rehab system. To serve like 1/10th of your jail time and less than 1/3rd of your rehab time - exactly how is that helping the situation? Is it not saying: yeah, we're really mad.......but not horribly serious about what we do or say.

There was a great West Wing about mandatory minimums when it came to drug possession and dealing. Mostly on the disparity of race and who does what time. No shock that the caucasian population got off with much less harsh sentences. Of course, Linds says she's being made an example for her punishment. ....if missing most your jail and rehab time is the 'example', I'll take it as opposed to the alternative.

Naturally, there is a bright side. We probably won't be in for anymore Lindsay Lohan movies for quite a while.

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Ur-spo said...

Drug addictions make one do the wackiest things.
Perhaps it is more a case here of someone driven by sensory rather than fear of consequences; them types never connect the dots, as it were.