Friday, September 03, 2010

We Used to Wait

The more I listen to Arcade Fire's new release, the Suburbs, the more I'm liking it. Still not sold that it is the best disk of 2010, but we'll see.....

The band has never been one to really release videos, per se. Not performance ones, anyway. Why would they? It's not like there is a place to actually play them anymore. Maybe MuchMusic still does it up in the band's home of Canada.

But in the two videos I've seen from them, they are incredibly innovative. Neon Bible's "Black Mirror" is a groovy video where you get to control the vocals and music mix.

The video for their song, "We Used to Wait, from their new disk, even stretches innovation a bit. Part video. Part animation. Part Google Earth. Part Google Street View. Part customizable. ....and yes, part product placement.

The product being placed is Goooooogle Chrome. The video was made to only play on Chrome. So you'd have to download it to not only play it, but if you want to make it your own.

Keeping with the theme of "the suburbs", you can put in your address to customize the video. I suppose the concept works better if you grew up in the 'burbs and not the city.

My personalized video - linked here - doesn't have where I spent most of my childhood, ages 6-17, mostly because that place doesn't have street view. So I went back to where I lived when I was 2-5. It's the best I could do.

Hey, I totally bought the concept. I finally downloaded Chrome, so Goooogle wins...........again.

But check out the video, it is pretty frickin' cool.

Song by: Arcade Fire


Anonymous said...

Very fun.

Greg said...

I tried it last week and was impressed. Even created a "postcard" which serves as my desktop wallpaper.