Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beat Surrender

Yeah, I could have used 'Beat It' for the post title, but I've never owned Micheal Jackson anything - except my Thriller wrist watch. ...and I only have that because I couldn't find a good Munedo one.

You can go back over the last line all you want - it is still gonna read the same. You read it correctly.

But even the watch (which I still have and it still works), wasn't licensed through Jackson. It was bought down on Canal Street in NYC for the whopping sum of $4 - a hefty price back in 1984. So I feel kind of ok owning it, as I never really put a dime into his pocket.

However, I have gotten a little off topic. SHOCK!

We were at Lowes yesterday to return some stuff. While Denton waited in that line, I just wandered. Yes, the Halloween decorations were out. They probably have been for weeks. We don't dress up the house that way. Hell, we haven't got one trick or treater in four years. This year I'm not even buying candy, which you know then will have the doorbell ringing like crazy.

While looking at the moving inflatable spiders, GateKeepers or maybe they were KeyMasters (no, I'm not kidding) and Frankenstein monsters that people actually put in their yard, this was actually the first thing that caught my eye:

I'm sorry, but it looks like Witchy-Poo is giving a herself?? Apparently, she's got wood.

And even if she is offering to bruise the fruit, I'm not paying $148 for something I've been doing for no-charge to myself for the last 34 years.

Naturally, Denton found me over there and I axed him if he saw what I was seeing. He looked around and said, "yes - from every angle" .......which is what I already figured out and had already taken pictures of.

She uses her right hand. For the record, I'm a lefty.

Song by: the Jam


Cubby said...

Ha! I'm still laughing at the "bruise the fruit" line! I'm going to start using it.

david Joseph said...

I had heard there was a prohibition in Wicca against circumcision and am glad to finally have confirmation.

don said...

Witchy Poo got wood? Hilarious. Does she burn religious texts as well?

Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

Agreed -- $148 is obscene for that kind of service.

BentonQuest said...

Lefties of the world, Unite! Well, after you are finished, of course!

anne marie in philly said...


geez, I could think of better things on which (witch?) to spend $148...

Wonder Man said...

Witchy-Poo has needs