Friday, April 27, 2007

WORK is a 4-Letter Word

...or so says Morrissey.

I hesitate to crow about my job. Isn't the blogosphere usually where people just gripe about work and co-workers?

I'm really liking my job, my co-workers, my clients and even my boss! Thank you jebus.

The travel is very tolerable. I'm learning some new things - including sales. Well kind of. Part of my job is to expand services to my existing clients. There is a certain amount of salemanship in this. I think I can expand services by almost 20% this year. I think.

David, my gay boss, and I get along really well. He's loosening up somewhat...or maybe I am. Perhaps we both are. When we travel together, it goes well and there's a lot to be said for that. But he's from the newer boss school of asking if he's providing everything I need to be successful. Unthinkable at my old place - even though that's what they tauted should happen.

And speaking of my old workplace......

If there was any validation that I made the right choice in not going back, I received it yesterday and today. The old old department, who offered me a job, well...the boss is leaving. Yes, that could have left me in a prime position to take the Director role. She had to have been looking when we were negotiating my terms two months ago, but she would never cop to that with me. The reason I left there in the first place was not knowing the succession plan.

The kick in the balls though (actually there are two of them), was her telling people that I was 'a fool for not taking the job - which would have him sitting pretty for my job'. FUCK YOU, honey. Naturally, she told people who she knew would relay this to me.

The reality is, she could have confided her plans to me. We had been ok in the area. But I wouldn't want that job in its current state. The interesting pieces (not necessarily fun), the ones I ran, are being cherry-picked by other departments before she leaves. I would have been left with all the crappy pieces....the ones she couldn't fix. (btw...that was the 2nd kick in the nuts.)

But had I just come back in another role, I don't know that two months later there'd be a promotion to Director. And she couldn't guarantee it either.

I made the right choice. On umpteen different levels.

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rebecca said...

And she knows it, don't she????