Thursday, April 26, 2007

Good Day, Mr. Giuliani

You have been served!

My soon-to-be 2nd husband had a great commentary on his show last night.

Go back and crawl in your hole until the Iowa caucuses, Rudy.

Like would-be Hubby Keith, I'm so tired of politics being run by fear. Bush has successfully done it since 2001. Rove & Co. have done this almost flawlessly (whether you agree with it or not). Rudy is now taking on their tactics. The GOP vortex is sucking him into the true axis of evil.

I'd like to think that people are on to this. If the voting public is, someone needs to alert Rudy's strategists. No apology necessary Mr. Giuliani, because none will be fucking putz!

You can read or watch the commentary here
. I suggest you watch it. The last two minutes, to me, make the entire thing.

As for my 1st and (so far) only husband - well, it's his birfday today, so as a present, I won't leave him just yet for Keith. It's ok, he knows about my lust for Mr. Olbermann. Who doesn't?

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Sue said...


But, unfortunately, the American public likes to be afraid. Let's hope they are tired of it now.