Saturday, April 14, 2007

Very Superstitious

...actually, I'm not.

I'd chase a black cat under a ladder that had salt shakers on each rung and not think twice about it. I've never understood the concept of buildings that don't have a 13th floor. Is anyone so stupid to think because it's not numbered that it doesn't exist? Strike that - there are probably plenty of them.

When I was working at a major hospital, we had a thoracic surgeon who would refuse to do surgery on any of his patients if they came from any bed numbered 13. Literally, my staff would have to transfer the patient the day before their operation just to get their operation. The guy was a freak. Later in life, he was pretty much disbarred for a number of reasons - and for being unreasonable. Go figure.

Now I can tell you when there is a full moon, and that's without ever looking up in the sky or at a calendar. When you work in healthcare - you know. Everyone and everything goes crazy. Someone told me that once 20-odd years ago when I starte and I poo-poo'd them. But it is absolutely true.

I was born on a 13th (mark that down you can narrow it down to a possible 12 days of the year) so every so often my 'special day' is on Friday the 13th. BFD. I've never believed in that shit. Until today..........kind of....

Yesterday I leave the house at my normal time. No biggie. 20 minutes later I'm pulling into the parking garage at work. If you park on level 5 and above the rate is half-price. Being the cheap-0 that I am, I always park that high. Today I didn't make it. On level 2 every light on my dashboard came alive....and my car just lost total power.

I managed to somewhat glide it into 'reserved parking'. Actually I had to get out and push it the rest of the way. Frick!

Viggo, my Volvo V50 (turbo), is only 2.5 years old. Never gave me a days trouble. There was no getting him started again. A not so quick call to roadside assistance and a tow truck was on its way. ...though I do have to say something about the roadside assistance: it's almost all automated. Fine! It is the 21st century (and it's gonna be much better for a girl like me) so it is to be expected. But here's how it went:

"Is this is a 911 emergency? Press 1 for yes or 2 for no." Ok. I can almost see that.
"Is this to report an Amber Alert? Press 1 for yes or 2 for no"


Would I be calling Volvo Roadside Assistance if my child was snatched? (hehehe, I said 'snatch'.) Fucking odd.

Anyhoo....after all the rigamarole, an hour later they come to get my car.....BUT.....the tow truck can't fit into the garage due to low clearance (7'). AND there's only one guy. Honest to g-d, we had to push my car down the straightaways, then I would jump in to steer around the corners and down the ramps....with no power steering and cars coming in the opposite direction. The speed bumps at the exit were the hardest part though.

Thank g-d I never made it to level 5 or we'd still be there pushing. Volvo hasn't even had a chance to look at it yet - but we know it's not the battery, and yes, I had gas in the car. I cannot tell you how many people axed me that today.

Today I go out there to get my loaner car. Which is dangerous. I kid you not - I was building new Volvo S60 on-line.

While working out and waiting for the BF to pick me up after work, my iPod headphones completely broke beyond repair. WTF!

What is going on here? Is this what happens to people on Friday the 13th? What happened to the good old days, when it was just a quiet day at camp with a guy and a chainsaw????? I could have used Jason's assistance to help me push the car today.


rebecca said...

We had nary an unfortunate incident. You got all our bad luck, I'm afraid.

Sue said...

I hope it is just a fuse. I hate cars. At 2.5 years old, nothing should go wrong.

And iPods. WTF? Mine died for no reason. I had to reboot it and lost all my music (which I had to reload from my library). Sorry your headphones died. At least they are inexpensive.

RJ March said...

funny, isn't it, how attached we are to our iPods? I'm on #2 and it's so f'ed up I have to tap it against concrete to get it to work correctly. Imagine me hopping off the treadmill to beat my iPod on the floor, cursing under my breath.

rebecca said...

I do that whenever a WHAM! song comes on, on my Blobby mix.