Sunday, April 08, 2007

Her Lovely Lady Lumps

Yes, it's a YouTube Sunday - because I'm kind of, sort of, lazy.

I know the Alanis video has been making the blog rounds - and for good reasons. It is hilarious and not altogether bad. The scary thing is - even as a parody (at least I think it is), it is still probably the best thing she's recorded in years. Think Tori Amos doing 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' or 'Angie', but a lot more tongue-in-cheek.

As Denton pointed out - you couldn't have Alanis' version without the original. And he's right. It wouldn't be funny - and it is, if you are aware of the Peas' song. I'm not a BEP fan in the slightest and always thought it was such a crappy song. Alanis pretty much shows it for what it is. ...and Will Ferrell even takes it on in Blades of Glory, where his skating partner says 'I don't know what it means' and Ferrell replies 'No one knows what it means..'. Amen to that.

Honestly, you have to watch the original (or at least part of it) before you click on the Morissette version.

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RJ March said...

I thought it was pretty sweet-- I never really listen to radio stations that play BEP's so the song is still kind of fresh for me, but this version is almost lovely. Alanis doesn't ever really SING. It's more like she crams lyrics into complex musical passages.