Thursday, April 12, 2007

Scenes from a White Spring

I've been working like a dog....granted, a good dog that has a nice work home...but I haven't had time to really formulate some posts. Between the job, trying to stick to working out and the partner starting his new job this week, time has been tight. We've tried to steal some time after work just for us. That hasn't worked out too well - since for some g-ddamn reason we both completely forgot about taxes. Oooops.

When I was out of work I had posts written for days. That is not so much the case anymore. Though I like working, I do miss the effort I put into my blog. I still have a running list of things I want to write about, but I also don't want to do it too half-assed.

Even yesterday's post was only so-so at best and I didn't realize until that evening I only saved it as 'draft' and didn't hit 'publish'. Where the frick is my head at?

Yeah - I've got my Shopping w/Blobby and Record of the Month segments all ready to go (or mostly), and I've already used up my Site of the Month post. I don't want all of those done before half-way through the month. I have to pace myself.

So here are some photos of last Sunday's snow storm. I can't even claim them as my own. They are from my 78 yo mother!!!!!!! She trekked out in foot deep snow, most likely to fill the bird feeder and thought to take the camera. Go figure.

We ended up with 16" of snow on Sunday and it looks like my parents got a similar amount. Actually, the pictures are not bad (click images to make bigger). I was more surprised she got them off the digital camera. She still doesn't know how to work her cell phone. She did admit to me that my father pulled them off the camera - which is no less impressive, as the man is 86.

The squirrel (say like Veruca Salt) in the bell is kind of cute. Squirrels are my mother's arch nemesis...well except for Greta, her sister-in-law...always ruining her trees and eating all the bird seed (the squirrels...not Greta).

Are you wondering about the bell itself? Yes, my parents put it up when we moved to this house in 1969. The bell could be heard for miles. When it rang, us kids knew it was time to come home. I kid you not. Total stimulus:response. A mile away, swimming at the lake: 'Was that the bell? I gotta go home for dinner. Later."

None of my friends ever said anything about it....I wonder what they thought. The grandkids still love to pull on the rope and just make it ring and ring and ring.

The birdy picture is prettier. Hell, it's frickin holiday card material. I think the upside down one is a woodpecker. What the hell do I know about birds?


Sue said...

The upside down one looks like a hairy woodpecker and the other one is a flicker. Both are kinds of woodpeckers. The snow looks really pretty, but I am glad we don't have any here.

Anonymous said...

We had a bell, too! Some giant thing Dad got from a ship. So glad we grew up when we had some freedom. Kids today are never far enough away from their parents to need a bell.

rebecca said...

We had a TRIANGLE that my mother would ring. After 2 days we made her stop by refusing to come when she rang it. I mean, Jaysus, is there any better way to announce yourself the neighborhood hillbilly?

Beautiful picture, Ellie!

Anonymous said...

How funny, we also had a cowbell to call us home. All of the neighbors had a different bell, and you could tell who was having dinner by where the bell was ringing.

(except the alcoholic neighbor who used to just scream for the kids - a whole different story....)

Damn, we are getting old. We sound like leftovers from Little House on the Prarie!

Anonymous said...

Oops, Prairie!

Blobby said...

Becky wins! a TRIANGLE!!! RORRR.

"I wash myself with a rag on a stick!"

But thanks to all - I don't feel nearly as trashy as I did when I was writing that.