Saturday, April 21, 2007

Beware Evil-Doers Everywhere!

"Guess who was on my flight?" asked my boss. I never have a quick enough response to questions like these. I immediately want to go with someone like 'Charo'.

David was asking me this while I waited in the hotel lobby for him to arrive, as he flew to DC a day after I arrived. Later in the day when he'd do this same routine to others, he got responses in the form of Jerry Springer and Geraldo.

While those answers were odd and a tad bit scary - it didn't compare to the real thing: Karl Rove! ewwww.

I told David before he met me, he'd have to delouse or take a bath in Purell.

A number of questions popped into my mind: why was in he in Cleveland? Why was he flying commercial? Why was he flying a air-express jet that holds only 80 folks - tops.

I couldn't answer the first question - except to say he was probably up to some evil-doing. What specifically, only the dark lords would know. The other answers would be - I guess he doesn't rate for a military jet, though one would wonder, why, since he actually runs the country.

But if you have to fly commercial from Cleveland to DC with a non-stop option, you only have one choice. And with only 80 people (tops) on the flight, you have a smaller chance of someone trying to off you.

One person asked David how tall Rove was. Surprisingly he is only about 5'8". Evil seems so much taller on television. It's the old Far Side comic where in a presentation to dogs, a slide is shown of a cat's back going up to make the cat look bigger, and the dog instructor says 'trickery trickery'.

If there was any redemption to this travel, on the flight home, we shared it with Sherrod Brown, our new Democratic senator. While waiting for our luggage, David mentioned to Sen. Brown that Rove was on his trip to DC. Amused, Brown asked why Rove was in if David would know.

Sherrod also relayed a story on how he introduced his wife, Connie Schultz, a Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner, to Rove. Karl turned and asked them when she was planning on going back to the PD. Brown then said to David, "he just knows way too much".

...and no offense to Sherrod, but I didn't need a U.S. Congressman to tell me that.

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Sue said...

I dunno. I love to see famous folks on my flights. But Rove would be the exception.