Sunday, April 22, 2007

Virginia Tech

I have honestly been avoiding most media when it comes to the Virginia Tech shootings. When you're traveling for work, it really isn't that hard. Sure, during meetings you talk about it, but if you are not near a television or on-line, you are also not inundated with over the top reports of what happened and the what-if scenarios.

When I got back from my work travel, I still avoided whatever I could. I don't think it is a hole-in-the-ground approach. I am not in denial.

I've said it before and I'm sure I will again: I blame the 24 hr news cycle. The overexposure is just exhausting.

I'm amused by the media who lambastes NBC for broadcasting the video that the shooter had sent them. It's just sour grapes on the other media's part - isn't it? NBC got the exclusive. All of the others, print included, would have reported it just as NBC did, had they gotten the package. They were all happy to do it afterward in hopes of boosting ratings or sales.

After watching the Sunday Morning Old People's Show, I decided to visit the NRA site to see what they had to say. (click on image to enlarge.)

Exactly what facts will have to be known before they can comment? It was semi-automatic weapons with hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Even sold 'legally', there is no use for a weapon like this for public use. I'm not even convinced there is a need for it in military use....but that's another debate.

While perusing some blogs over the week a few arguments struck me about gun-control. It is like cockroaches, in that we'll never be able to get rid of them entirely at this point. A gun-owner blogger who didn't belong to the NRA due to their 'right leanings' said there is no reason for any gun-owner not to have a license. It might be a tried and true expression, but I had never heard it - he said, 'even people who cut hair are required to have a license'.

I don't see how the NRA can sit there and seriously debate how killings like this should not change how we allow guns and owners. As someone else said, 'now they can tell Charleton Heston they did pry the gun out of their dead cold hands.'

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Sue said...

I read that blog also and I couldn't agree more.

When I am down I just resign myself to the fact that we live in the Wild West and everybody has guns and the US is the OK corral's shoot out. Just duck for cover is all you can do. Just like the kids at Virginia Tech, hide under your desk and hope like hell the shooter doesn't hit anything vital.