Monday, April 09, 2007

Kicks Some Ice?

Nah - not so much.

We went to go see Blades of Glory over the weekend.

Am I the only one to think that the Ferrell-Wilson-Wilson-Vaughn-Stiller mafia is growing a bit tiresome? It'd be fine if they weren't all so one dimensional. But they are all pretty much one-note kind of guys when it comes to acting and comedy.

Who knew that Zoolander would be the artistic stretch and possibly the defining moment for any and all of them? ....and one of the Wilsons wasn't even in that one and I don't think Vaughn had a speaking role (nor is the other Wilson and Vaughn in Blades, but Stiller does produce it).

Ferrell hasn't developed that much from the SNL character who use to disrobe for the art class skit and would sometimes vomit. Or the naked guy he plays in Old School who would occasionally vomit. Are you picking up on a pattern? Do I have to spell it out for your what he does here?

That's not to say he doesn't provide some funny moments (though his one line to Nancy Kerrigan was delivered expertly) ....but those moments don't make a funny movie. But most of the funny moments come from Will Arnett and Amy Poehler - as you knew it would. Had they showed more of their JFK/Marilyn Monroe skating routine, it would have been much funnier. Actually, had the movie been about them, as the main characters, it would have been a much better movie.

Joe thought the movie was more than a little homophobic. I could have seen this as being an issue, but you also kind of know what you're getting into with this type of movie. This kind of film has to make the teenagers, the target audience, cringe with being uncomfortable to make it funny to them - right or wrong.

But you know, the homophobia wasn't really that bad. No one at our screening made any audible noises at the man on man (staking) action. It could have been so much worse. The more subtle things, like the breath the guy from Napoleon Dynamite had to take before touching hands was what I responded negatively to.

Our audience responded to the vomiting and one scene involving some North Koreans attempting a new skating move (admittedly, I could not stop laughing at that one).

The bigger issue and problem with the movie is: it's all been done before. And better.

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rebecca said...

Oh that's too bad. I was trying to think if Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller had been in a movie together, and there you have it -- Zoolander. Which, I have to admit, made me laugh. Especially the Will Ferrell parts. But pish, I was hoping this would be our new post-Xmas-party hoot-fest.