Sunday, April 15, 2007

Princess and the Pea

We got a new mattress and box springs yesterday!!! YAYYY.

Our last one was about 10yrs old. The salesman gave the gloom and doom speech about the box springs going bad too and how it would ruin any new mattress if we didn't get a new set.

To be honest, I was so pissed about the hard sell, I just walked out of the store a few weeks ago. I don't let car sales folks do that to me, you think I'm going to let a mattress dork try it?

The BF did some on-line research about the whole new vs same old box springs. Naturally there is the sales person's theory and the conspiracy ones too. In the end, we got an entirely new set of everything.

The BF axed which of the beds I wanted, but who can tell? There were a few that were definitely a 'no', but the others, how does one get a feel for them fully clothed and lying on them for 2 minutes a piece. I mean, if I could take a 2.5 hour nap on one...there's the test. So I told him just to pick one and order it...I didn't really care. I knew he wouldn't order the hard hard one or the squishy one.

So it arrived today. OMG. We had a pillow top. But not this time. We got the deluxe pillow top The BF thought he ordered the same thing. He didn't. I swear the bed is a foot taller. Add to that the new pillow top mattress pad I picked up at Blood Bath & Beyond today and the bed is ginormo! The fickin' sheets barely fit.

Sophie will most likely be able to leap up with no problem. She has young kitten legs. Tovah might needs some help. I might need some help! As it is, I'm going to have to get a book to put under my clock radio to even get it into approximate eye range. I'm thinking the biggest Harry Porter book there is.

And for our guests, there is now a king sized bed up on the 3rd floor!! Yes, it looks a little like the third floor of a rental property on E. 17th and Indianola, but it beats the futon. And while there is still the futon up there, no one has to use it unless we have a super-duper house full of people. I see no way where Dity will even have to bring her Aerobed next time. Nor will Tom Green have to sleep on the couch...again.

Oh - and as for my car? It is the fuel-pump and one or two other things. Odd it all happened together. So I got a loaner for a few days. The Volvo S40, which is the sedan version of my Viggo. Everything, including towing, is still covered by Volvo's pretty good warranty.

I only sat in the S60 briefly as I waited for the service guy and never really seriously considered it. It's a great car if your 55. Which I'm not. Yet.

Repairs won't be done until Wednesday, but I'll be in DC by then - so I can't pick it up until Saturday. Oh well.


rebecca said...

I can't do that pillow top -- bad for me back. But we do have a lovely comfy mattress that we can't turn or flip or rotate whatsoever because there's not enough room in our bedroom. Now, if we had a 3000 (PLUS!) sq ft home....

Anonymous said...

I squeezed past 2 cats and a dog last night to get into bed, and realized that my mattress has a body cavity depression. My aunt calls that a "hot dog bed"---the sides roll up on you like a bun.

Sue said...

I have a temperpedic Swedish foam mattress (w/o box spring) and just love it. It is great for my bad back. I cannot do the pillow top either.

Fuel pump eh? That shouldn't have gone yet. At least it is under warantee.