Thursday, April 05, 2007

Site of the Month

David says his Target is one of the busiest in terms of Easter items.

Clearly I had no idea that Easter had anything more to do than crappy baskets with chocolate, eggs and green cellophane grass. Apparently now the grass comes in recycled paper, wood and edible. It must be true - David told me.

But he also says that the holiday is turning into xmas. More toys than candy get sold and it's a big to-do. I guess if you're worshipping resurrections, you may as well get a dvd of Happy Feet!

David also says that Target has a special line of blood-red Peeps. He's thinking like 'red-robin red'. I'm thinking like 'blood of christ red'. We're both thinking - disgusting.

So I started telling David about this site regarding Peeps and the things people do to them. He says I should make it my Site of the Month. Good idea. But as I looked at the site it wasn't as funny as I remembered. Then I stumbled upon an even better one:


If you click on the 'movie' link, it will take you scene by scene of the book/movie....with Peeps. The movie isn't quite as long as making your way through this. Actually, the making of the movie probably isn't this long.

Becca - where is the stick-figure version of LOTR?


Sue said...

Good lord. Just when I had thought I had seen it all. It is a tall order, but they need to do the whole trilogy. Don't you think?

rebecca said...
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rebecca said...

Lord, I can never find that. Let me hunt around.

Meanwhile, there are always the bunnies at Angry Alien Productions ( LOTR is on the "requested to be reenacted" is "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels"! Wasn't that a Dom Deluise vehicle???