Monday, April 16, 2007

ReFocus on the Family

Sorry for a comic posting - but Sunday's Doonesbury was hilarious.....and (un)fortunately oh so true. (click to enlarge image/comic)

It really is this kind of hypocrisy that makes me ill. Dobson's (and the like) lack of comments on any of these 'family values' speaks volumes.

Unless something happens, I see no way in which McCain will get the nomination. I'm not complaining on this. He's a douchebag on the BS Express. And he's not getting the money coming in to run a successful campaign.

Mitt has the money - his own. Though he's polling in the single digits. And by single I mean 2%...tops. Newt isn't even in the race.......yet. Which pretty much leaves Rudy.

Rudy who faxes his wife divorce information after telling the press. Rudy who had his then mistress stay at the mayor's mansion. Rudy who was aware (allegedly) of his police chiefs ties to organized crime. Rudy - who thinks that walking around a city in a mask and suit after two planes hit the WTC will erase all of this. Because you know those will be THE images his people use when the campaign gets into high gear.

Honestly, with these folks as the GOP leaders, the Democrats are going to have to be complete fuck-ups to lose this. But I think they're up to that task. Unfortunately.


Sue said...

The truth is just SO sad.

rebecca said...

Oh Andy Capp, you wife-beating old drunk!

That's all I got today, I'm afraid. I still have my head in a hole, where the Presidency is concerned. I mean... Monica Lewinsky? When he coulda had ME?