Monday, January 01, 2024

My Music Monday

I was a bit torn:  skip My Music Monday to do the traditional blog year end wrap-up / current year kick-off or do MMM today and the year thing tomorrow? 

Fuck it. I'm just combining them. 

For the few naysayers, I did not do another race between xmas and new year's. There was two, actually, but I didn't want to. There was even one today that I opted not to do. 

Most likely I am meeting my new running group this morning for a 'hangover run' - though doubtful anyone will be. This will be three days in a row I'm running with them. 

Running became 2023's theme for me. 2024 will continue that. I mean, I've already signed up for three races so far this year. I'm sure there will be more. I'll try not to bore you.......too much.

The blog finally got to over 2 million hits back in, well, I can't find even the month. I'm 25% on my way to 3 million, so.......there's that. 

Physical and Mental health will take top priorities this year too. 

I am dreading this election cycle. That is not hyperbole in any way, shape or form. I'd say I cannot even wrap my head around what is to come, but in reality I think I can, which is the devastating thing of it all.  I am not kidding when I say I don't know my psyche can handle it all. 

So my resolution, if you will, will literally be to stay afloat. 

Enough about that.

As always, you know (?) I break down the blog year by the numbers. I'm not convinced they are accurate, but Blogger Analytics is all I gots. 

  • Number of posts: 365. 
  • Number of unique page views: 382,548, down, down a whopping 38.6% views from 2022. 
  • Month with most page views: August 2023 with 141,563 !!!
  • Number of comments: 1,013. That is an 18.8% increase from last year. 
  • Top posts of 2022: What can I say? You guys love the pet posts. Clearly. It's hard not to though.  
Clearly the only way I'm making it to 3 million view is just do a pet blog and be done with the rest of the posts. 

As for the rest.......

Bob wins my referrals. Technically "other" wins (the grey part of the circle).......but after that, Bob's site. 

My top posts of all time have not changed one iota in ranking. Their numbers climb, but that's is. 

That's it for the blog. 

As for My Music Monday.....maybe I should have waited. You've lost interest at this point. How do I know?  Because I've lost interest.  But I've gotten this far into here's a song for you. 

Actually, I'll leave you with the Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit song I considered including.  His album deals a lot with addiction and "King of Oklahoma" captures the woeful tale of far far too many opioid addicts. 

Happy New Year, all. 


James Dwight Williamson said...

These Monday holidays are killing me and my garbage pickup schedule. Happy Music Blobby! And Happy First Day of 2024

Travel said...

Happy New Year! Looking forward to 365 more posts about what ever is on your mind.