Friday, January 19, 2024

Black is Black

So it seems there is nothing that a candidate won't say to get ahead in this country. 

That cunt - yes, I said it, Blogger - Nikki Haley had the fucking nerve to say, "No, we're — we're not a racist country. Brian. We've never been a racist country."

I'm surprised she didn't choke on her fried chicken, ham-hocks and watermelon when she got out that statement. 

I'm surprised she wasn't fashioning a noose out of a confederate flag during the interview, to be honest. 

Of course, Haley's Nimarata Randhawa's very next statement was that she faced racism growing up "but I can tell you today is a lot better than it was." 

Well which is it, hon??  How can you "face racism" if it didn't exist? 

She's "from" South Carolina, so, you have to help bury that critical race theory so her state and every other one it touches doesn't look so black-hating / lynching because not only are they deniers, but she wants their vote. 

Needs their vote. 

BTW Nimarata, there is an entire lynching museum over in Alabama you might want to check out. Or the National Museum of African American History and Culture.  Or maybe talk to any other person of colour other than your mirror. 

And I hate that BLOTUS thinks like me (or I like him), but I had raised the flag for the Dems to use Haley's actual name every time they could - especially regarding anything race related. Yes, I get it's baiting. Yes, I get it's profiling. But what the fuck do you think the GOP has done for decades??  Longer, even. 

But here is BLOTUS, using her full name. And yes, it is a racist dog whistle.

I mean, if we were a racist nation. Which we're not. Nimarata says so. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

Excellent post, saying what needs to be said about the Flying Monkeys. She is a very undesirable. Almost as bad a DeSantis saying she should drop out if she can’t win her home state, when he is 39 plus points behind in Florida. That is all!

Travel said...

A book that should be required reading,The Color of Law, Richard Rothstein.

Anonymous said...

So very nicely stated! This post is worthy of the NYT, Sir!