Tuesday, January 09, 2024


On multiple recommendations we watched Saltburn on Prime.

Viewing was over the weekend and yet there is still some processing going on. 

No argument on it being well done. Good cast. Good acting. Well filmed. Well directed. 

Lots of uneasiness, which I suppose it part of the point of a movie like this. 

I don't know it was well written. It mean, it was, but without giving anything away, there didn't seem to be a lot of 'why'.  Even with the opening line, you figure that would go into something that never quite got there. Yes, subtly, so much so that it still never quite answers the 'why'.

I try to give no spoilers in these things, and will make the attempt. 

Like Parasite, it made me very uncomfortable much of the time. Some things you figured out mid-movie (or less), but it's more the manner of certain things that kept that comfort train rolling with how things unravel. 

The cast is great.  Richard Grant plays his part flawlessly.  Rosamund Pike should take home every supporting actress award available to her (though she just lost the Golden Globe!).  She. Was. Amazing.  So was Barry Keoghan. You might know him his excellent supporting work in the Banshees of Inisherin.  Carey Mulligan is in it for like six minutes trying hard to be Helena Bonham Carter, which still might be her most interesting work. 

Jacob Elordi is very easy on the eyes and looks like a young Ben Wyatt Adam Scott. 

With all the pluses to the film, it still comes down to the 'why', and it's just not satisfactorily addressed with almost any means and clearly that is seemingly bugging me enough, which is why I'd only give this film a passing grade. 

2024 Movie Count / Goal: 01 of 15

Yes, though not hitting our goal of 15 for last year, I kept it as is, trying to be better.  We will see. 

Song by: the Yeah Yeah Yeahs


James Dwight Williamson said...

I’ve heard Jacob Elordi is quite the dish

Travel said...

1 down 14 to go

Happyman said...

It was a movie that held my attention. But I agree, WTF!

Morty said...

Agree about Rosamund Pike - give her an oscar for that! Thoroughly enjoyed every cringey moment of this film.