Monday, January 08, 2024

My Music Monday

I was reading the Mark Hollis - singer, guitarist, keyboardist - for the group Talk Talk would have been 69 this week. I didn't even know he died.  .......four years ago. 

I was always a fan of the band. They really didn't sound like anyone else. They started out complicated by having their band name the same as a song name which was also their album title name. 

"Hi, I'd like to hear "Talk Talk" from Talk Talk off of Talk Talk".   If you called that request into a radio station you'd get hung up on. I can attest to this from personal experience. 

While I loved their song, "It's My Life", the title song from their second album, No Doubt's overplayed cover of it had me hate it for well over a decade. I'm glad it made Hollis some coin, the cost was too high. 

That disk has great songs like "Renee", "Life's What You Make It" (which was almost today's selection) and "Such a Shame", which is today's selection and that I thought you might all make it through as opposed to my would-be choice. 

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