Thursday, January 25, 2024

I'm Just Ken

The Academy Awards is still a month and a half away - which means Mike's and my 13th Annual Academy Award Guessing Game®  is a month and a half away too. 

I could have sworn it was the 14th. I even told him so. 45 days seems like an eternity, mostly because of "the controversy" (you have to sing that last word like Prince though. 

I sent Mike the ballot two days ago, giving him plenty of time to make his picks. Though some were made for us with the snubs of Greta Gerwig and Margo Robbie for director and actress respectively. Both still have nominations for screenplay and best picture respectively. 

The Academy might (?) have it out for Gerwig. She didn't get a win (though a nod) for direction with Lady Bird a few years back - nor did she deserve one for the 114th version of Little Women a year or so ago. They did nominate a number of Best Picture entries that were directed by women. Only the director of Anatomy of a Fall has a vagina. 

And you know, Gerwig can't even talk smack about the snub for fear of retribution. The joke is, Ken can - and did......because......patriarchy. 

Good for Ryan.......or his publicist.

Putting this out there doesn't hurt him, as he isn't even in the top 3-4 of the 5 performances on the nominee list, as much as I like him and enjoyed his performance. Though he just might have gotten every female voting member to come to his side, so who knows. 

But back to the Best Picture nominees. Of the 10, three of them are directed by women, only one being giving a director slot. 

I know most of the Academy is made of old white men, but Scorsese (an old white man)........again?  Mike called the watching of the Flower Moon thingy the longest week of his life. Even I gotta give him props for even attempting it. Ricky Gervais made a joke a few years about about Scorsese's Irishmen and it's length by saying they'd show a clip of it - but it's 88 minutes. 

I think it just comes down to misogyny. 

Barbie was the most successful movie of the year, not necessarily the best. I get that. Gerwig can flip off the Academy if she chooses. Over a billion $$ made, she's claimed her victory - and the right to make almost anything else she wants due to it. But that kind of success doesn't come without talent. that point, the Academy knows pseudo talent when they see it: Bradley Cooper didn't get a director nomination for his shit-fest. 

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When you think you’re more serious than you are. I’ll take a piece of Mr.Gosling anytime it’s offered.