Saturday, January 06, 2024

Queen for a Day

It's still close enough to the 2023/2024 holiday season to include a few pics that didn't exist with the last of last year's post. Bailey is present. 

As predicted in my pet post, I got an xmas photo of Bailey after publishing. 
She seems to have a collar of bells on. 

There is a dead end near us that has metal poles to keep vehicles out. 
The owners of the adjacent house got some PVC and ribbon. I loved it. 

We've been finding ornaments around the house. 
And there are bare parts of the tree that had light, which are now much much lower. 

Shep helping 710 open a gift. 
....a book I'd apparently already given to him two years ago.  <smh>

One kitten has been walking on the stove.....and who knows where else. 
I'm not sure how his paws are so filthy. 

Bailey is good at catching fud. 

He looks cute, anyway. 

New Year's Bailey. 

Song by: Donna Summer


James Dwight Williamson said...

Shep best behaved , Bailey Fashion plate , who sits on the dining table for pictures. Simon is so intriguing and new it would be.hard for me to be mad at him. He’s just a little boy.

Old Lurker said...

What scurrilous accusations. You don't KNOW that it was Simon being naughty. Maybe 710 has been scattering ornaments everywhere and leaving paw prints on the stove. And isn't Shep irritated at his new brother for stealing all the attention? There are other suspects here.

Travel said...

Cats will be cats, I'd wipe things down before I cooked.

Bob said...

I love Simon's markings.
And I think we've always been lucky that our cats never bothered the tree other than sleeping beneath it.