Sunday, January 21, 2024


Laurie Anderson once spoke: "days go by.....endlessly.....endlessly pulling you........into the future....days go by...". 

She's not wrong. 

As an unconscious (subconscious?) rule, I think I don't delve into the past too too much here. There are somethings I dredge up as anecdotes to tie other, more current things together. 

With that said, now and then I throw a few things in from long ago. Though this older thing still ties in a current one. 


As the title states.  That is how long Mr. 710 and I have been together in some capacity or other. 

39 years today.

We'd known each other a little longer than that, from work. We both were on the 3p-11p shift and a number of the people at work would go out afterwards now and then. But I, nor he, counted those as "dates".  We weren't even 100% sure the other was gay, let alone interested. I was. We were. 

Even this first date was mired in havoc - my '71 Maverick breaking down on the way to his place. Him coming to rescue me as my car got towed to some unknown mechanic. And all in the days before cellphones. How that all came to be is still cloudy to me. 

Today is the date we have etched into our rings. Though with 1985 on the end. 

I won't lie. 39 years isn't easy. Well, the first 15 weren't. I mean, how emotionally and mentally equipped can a 21 and 24 year old be? Ones with little life experience too. So we weathered it all together - as the vows would eventually say: for better or for worse. 

There isn't a lot of 'worse' anymore. Yes, normal life changes - birth, school, work, death, as the Godfathers might sing. We are stable, mature and strong enough to deal with it all. That wasn't always the case - mostly in my case.

It helps that 710 has the patience of a saint (whatever that actually means). I do not, Maybe Paula Abdul is correct with opposites attracting. 

It doesn't seem like 39. And 50 seems a long way off.........considering our age(s). Time is a funny thing.

As I've said before, January is a sucky time to have an anniversary. Maybe we'll go out for dinner, but the weather has been sub-zero when the wind if factored into the equation. We are not ones for the big hoopla, so, it might just be home cooking tonight. 

Maybe we will celebrate at 40. 

the title image is from 1988 (?). Our hair was darker. Our hair existed. We were thinner. That duplex is now a single house residence. I don't even know who took that picture. Clearly Ted Lasso stole his look from 710. 

Song by: the Cure


wcs said...

Congratulations! Another fine example that, yes, "those" relationships do last.

Old Lurker said...

39 years together? I am skeptical. Are you even 39 years old?

DJsnaps said...

So Handsome. Congratulations

Travel said...

Happy Anniversary! For 40 you should take a week off and go someplace warm.

Morty said...

OMG I love this pic!

Anonymous said...

Children! Happy 39 years, my beloveds.

James Dwight Williamson said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. BTW Bonus Points for every year that the Household Homicide Rate has been zero.

Will Jay

Ur-spo said...

oh this is marvelous!
Can we see someday a photo of the two of you in the nowadays?