Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Sick of Myself


No real post today. 

I've down and out physically for about two days. Stomach bug of some sorts. 

Rest has barely been gotten, even though all I have done is lay around. I mean there is a lot of getting up and down with a stomach thing going on.  Still, no gym. No running. Barely walking the dog. 

On the plus side, I might make my goal weight, though it's not the kind of weight one ever keeps off. 

So, while I've had all the time in the world to compose a blog post, this is the one you're getting .

On a side note:  watching Jason Kelce watch his brother make two touchdowns in the playoffs was just fun. I'm not saying he was drunk, but I'm not not saying that either 

Either way, this is what Taylor Swift can look forward to every Thanksgiving. 

Oddly (not really) the elder Kelce had never met Swift, as he plays football in another city, so the playoff game was their first. More importantly Jason K befriended a young Buffalo Bills fan and got her to meet Taylor Swift. Sure, he put Swift on the spot, but who cares. 

Ok. I'm done. I gotta rest. 

Song by: Matthew Sweet


James Dwight Williamson said...

These Kelces , are interesting people .

Old Lurker said...

I had no idea you were sick! I hope you rest well and get better soon.

Travel said...

Take care of yourself!