Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Stones in the Road

You know, no matter how bad you got it, or think you have it, just remember: at least your not this lady. 

As a general rule, I never click on any video links from any news sites - this one being from CNN. 

In theory (and actual reality), I don't know a thing about this story other than the headline. 

I'd say, 'what else is there to know?' seems it would be plenty. 

Let's start with that kidney stones, while incredibly painful, usually don't take you to the operating room, or anywhere near it. If you can't or don't pass them on your own, they'll do lithotripsy - which is basically a bath that is blasted with sound waves to break up the kidney stone. I'm not even sure you get any kind of anesthetic. 

Secondly: operating rooms. 

If you've been in one for the last decade or so - and I have.....often - unless it's a trauma surgery where the patient is out, the team stands around the patient and goes over the procedure. The first thing they do is ask the patient what they are there for.  It's best practice. It's required. 

Then they tell the patient who everyone is and what they'll be doing. 

I'm assuming 'amputating both legs' would have had the patient yelling "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"

And thirdly:  mom. 

WTF does 'mom' have to do with the story at all?  'Woman', sure. And while motherhood is important, it's not WHO the person is, it's an aspect of the person. I can guarantee you that if it was a male patient, the word 'dad' would not show up until paragraph six of the story, if at all. 

All I can say is, whomever carries malpractice for the provider and the organization where this was done, can't possibly have enough money to cover whatever payout is coming this 'mom's' way. 

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Travel said...

The daughter of a friend was hired as director of a big hospital a couple of years ago. Her first day on the job she was called to an operating room, by the team who refused to proceed, because the surgeon was intoxicated. She fired a drunk doc her first day on her dream job. An interesting way to start.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Far Fetched . I had one surgery, the anesthesiologist was on standby I only used local anesthetic, I was told I was brave and not the norm, more likely scared and self preserving.