Saturday, January 27, 2024


Yay - Saturday.  Dogs.  Cats. 

I've still been a it laid-up with my malady from almost a week ago. On the positive note, I've surpassed my goal weight, so far by 4 lbs. Maybe more. Honestly, it's not how I wanted to drop the pounds. I've only gotten to run once since last Saturday, and that didn't last long,  

As g-d is my witness, I'm going to try to put 6 miles in this morning. 

Ken-ough about that,  Shep and Simon coming your way. 

I'd like to say Simon is jumping up to get the latch - and he is. 
However, he does this in all doorway corners, should there be a latch or not.  He's weird. 

A hike we had a BMX track next to it. No one there, so Shep traversed it. 
....and yes, like many of the bikers, he went right off the side. 

He's quick. It's just a matter of time before no one noticing him going into a cabinet and closing him in. 

A respectful distance. 

You Shall Not Pass. 
.....I did though. 

Pup Cup. 

If it's cold out during our hikes, 710 and I might get something warm on the way home. If so, Shep gets a Puppachino. Last time they asked where he was and for next time to bring him into the store. 

I don't think they know what they're doing.  .....but he is SO excited when we stop. He knows. 

Song by: Van Halen


James Dwight Williamson said...

Here’s to hoping you can feel better and to run. Simon and Shep elevate me with positive energy , which I really need at the moment. My mother has been in the hospital , followed by possibly 3 weeks in rehab. One is done. She’s 92 , she lives with me, she wants to come home. But Physical Therapy and Some Dementia are holding us . Thanks for listening

Travel said...

Take care, Shep and Simon need you, and we would miss you.

Happyman said...

Get yourself well. Shep and Simon are very handsome boys.

Old Lurker said...

Pet photos AND My Music Monday?! We are so blessed.

It's a good thing Simon doesn't have opposable thumbs.