Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Fool Me Once

I'm totally not in the mood to discuss, or even ponder, BLOTUS' appeal (?) / hearing (?) of presidential immunity. It was laid out there yesterday by his lawyers of the steps that would have to be taken by any, but really him, president to be convicted. 

It's a problem for anyone in the White House, but the reality is - and it was spelled out here - that if they opted not to cede power after an election. 

The judges weren't posing questions about future presidents other than BLOTUS. Not really. 

But his lawyers argued a sitting president would have to be impeached by the house and charged by the Senate first, before a president could be charged. 

There is no fucking way a president - this one in question - is going to be charged by the Senate. Any senate. 

I truly don't think I'm overstating this, but if BLOTUS wins, he's in. And he'll be going NOWHERE...until he is sent to Hell. But by then, democracy - what little is even left of it - will be gone. 

Well, I've done it. I wasn't going to discuss this at all and give myself an out for the day. 

Joke's on me.  But the joke will be on the country soon enough. 

Song by: B.B. King

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James Dwight Williamson said...

The word is the appeals court doesn’t plan to allow immunity and the DC trial will proceed!