Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Feels So Different

g-d, this must kill some folks - you know?

Forever our history was changed a few months back, but today it is a reality. Done deal. Locked in place. I'm loving it!

I was almost going to go all Sesame Street on your asses and call this 'One of These Things is Not Like the Other', but the following line, I remembered, goes, "one of these things does not belong" - and that just wasn't right. He does!

But as Sinead sings, things do feel different. If nothing else, we have a president who can actually form sentences, pronounce words and say them aloud. Bush's "folksy" Texas twang, via Maine and Connecticut was an insult to us. No Child Left Behind should have been started because of him.

There is opitimism too. I'm very hopeful for Obama. No doubt he's got a hard road ahead. We all do.

Why presidents are judged on their first 100 days is a mystery to me - other than after that, they have to start their re-election cycle. But the issues we face, the ones GWB left us, won't be solved in 100 days. Or 300. If that 100 days is what history will place on Barack - it is a sad sad day.

But as we talk about history and how presidents are viewed, you must read Leonard Pitts Jr.'s piece on Shrub and his place in history. On the plane ride back from Mexico to Ohio, I just smiled as I read it, and crossed my fingers that it all comes true.

I am totally bummed I have to work and cannot watch this all take place - even on tv. But thanks to DVRs and 24 news, I have no doubt I'll be able to catch it all when I get home.

Song by: Sinead O'Connor

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A Lewis said...

Pretty slick, isn't it? I can't believe how it feels like we've already moved into the year 2009...and away from the distant, dark past. Into the new ages instead of the dark ages.