Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Battle Room

It turns out Twitter is good for more than just the random 140 character immediate thoughts. It's also good for pointing out web absurdities.

A guy who follows me (and vice versa) twatted the below Craigslist post, which is destined to become a 'Best Of' entry. Click on image below to embiggens the ad.

First - a rent controlled apartment in the East Village.
Second - revenge.

How sweet is that?

Becky thinks I'd be perfect for the job, as she "thinks" I am good at making fake sounds in the bedroom. Clearly she knows people. And she twatted it to anyone who follows here. Great.

To be honest, I hope the post is real and I hope he gets what he needs. Rent controlled apartments are hard to come by anymore.

Song by: Michael Penn

1 comment:

tornwordo said...

$325 sounds deceptively cheap. Still, I hope it's real.