Saturday, January 10, 2009

South of the Border (Down Mexico Way)

If you have ever read this blog over the (almost) last six years, you can count on one hand how many vacations I have taken....and probably still have two fingers left to twiddle with.

As a couple, this last year we have made a decision to be better about taking time off and getting away. We have found, taking time off and staying at home is not only unproductive to decompressing, but we end up working from home - if not around the house. Sometimes we do both. Usually we just don't even schedule the time.

So, as I take leave from work, but before I start a new job, we have opted to take a week off in between and go to Mexico. Riviera Maya, to be specific.

I've never been. We've never been. But it looks purdy, no?

Fuck, I'm embarrassed to admit it, but except for Tijuana and Toronto, I've never left the U.S. I've got the passport, but I've never used it except for a second form of identification when signing house loan papers or filling out an I-9.

Tijuana was bit of a scare - for so many reasons (David's hair colour, just for starters!). But we got out of there alive and in a way, I just almost assumed they might not let us back across the border into San Diego and I'd be stuck selling Chicklets or playing "La Bamba" to earn my keep.

So we leave today and will be there for six days. I will need a few days to mentally prep for a new job, a new environment, a new boss. Of course, there is always the chance I will have to recover from ingesting non-purified water. Maybe I will just stick with tequila and no ice.

The best thing about the vaca is that we won't be alone. Nope, for 3-4 days we will overlap our stay with Morty and George. It's not a complete accident, we both knew we had time and we tried to make it work - and we did. Denton has never vacationed with Morty - so g-d help us all.

As it goes, we'll have a few days on our own, they'll have a few days on theirs and in the middle we'll find something to do that involves SPF 55, Ruins, dolphins and tequila.

Not necessarily in that order.

I have no idea if this place has wi-fi, so I have no idea if you guys will be hearing from me or not.

Fingers-crossed, eh?

Song by: Chris Isaak

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