Saturday, January 24, 2009

This Drinkin' Will Kill Me

My first week of the new job is over. No damage done. Work-wise.

After work, I met my man-date, Scott, out for a few drinks. For those who don't remember, Scott is a straight, former co-worker whom I have a strong non-sexual bond with. Or as most call them: a friend.

My long-term friends would absolutely love him and would bring him into our co-hort without hesitation. ....and he can drink with the best of them. BONUS!

Last night, it was a wine bar. Neither of our significant others were present - meaning my partner, or his wife.

The place was brand new - not even open a week. If tonite is any indication, it will be successful. We got there early enough to snag two bar seats. There were specials on martinis and beer - but c'mon, this was a wine bar. We still went low brow for the house red, but it was pretty frickin' good.

We attempted to not talk about my old employ, where Scott still works, though it was really sweet that he seems a bit displaced there without me. Yeah, that's how much we got along there.

I think we were on our 2nd glass of red when we were joined by two women. Yeah, you heard that right. Char and Tiffany. Apparently Char is not short for anything - I asked. You know I would. I wasn't drunk enough to make a mall-singing reference to Tiff, though it crossed my mind.

Char was a talker. She was fun - for a republican. We were all hitting it off. Scott chuckled when I leaned in and said, "I am so going to hit that!".

Brad, our bartender, chose to pretty much ignore us unless we went way out of our way to flag him down. ....and we were sitting at the bar! We opted to name him Brad, as we truly didn't know his name - and then it went to Bradley, as so many gay men go by their full name.

We had no idea if he was a 'mo or not. He did wink at me once, but that means nothing........or does it? The girls who were now with us, thought they'd get his attention with their skimpier outfits - but it did not do the trick, further making the assumption that he did not like women, in that way.

The now four of us played some game where you had to name 12 anatomy parts that have only three letters. Tit, ass and nip do not count. Apparently neither does 'taint'. It is not three letters, but I couldn't stop myself from saying it. They all laughed, so I guess they all know what it means. I think Scott and I were on our 4th glass by this point.

The appetizers Scott and I got were good - pistachio crusted scallops (2) and jumbo prawns (2) in an asian slaw.

I think we had one more glass of wine before Scott wanted to head out. But as Char so aptly put it - it was a good first date.

And here I was worried that next week, with my newly divorced friends, that they'd want to go pick up chicks.

Song by: Dwight Yoakam


Anonymous said...

What a perfect story for a Saturday morning.

Anonymous said...

Poor Char and Tiff - you know you two were the highlight of their evening and it only went downhill for them.

A Lewis said...

Okay, now you're scarin' me. Big time.