Friday, January 09, 2009

When the Sun Goes Down

This was going to be called Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me, but since it is either Elton John or George Michael with Elton John (depending on the version you prefer), it would have just gone into Don't Let Your Son Go Down on Me - and that just wouldn't have been a good thing.

But the sun is going down - on this job. Today. At 3:00-ish.

Yeah, the workday "ends" at 5:00p, but that ain't happening. I'll be in a bar by 3:30 if I can help it.

My going away party starts at 5:00p, but I'll have a head start with some chosen people before the masses arrive.

Well, I don't know if there will be masses of folks or not. Many were invited, but I do not know who has accepted. I didn't organize it. Had I, it would have been more selective, for sure.

I guess it is nice they think enough of me to have a going away get together. Some folks just slink out of the office with no anything. To be honest, I'd be ok with that too. I've met some folks here who I know will be friends for life - and how often can you say that about co-workers?

Yeah - that's what I thought.

I also had my exit interview. A regular HR person didn't even do it. No, the head of HR wanted to be the one. And I got lunch out of it - so it was a win-win.

She asked me to be candid (duh!). I'm not leaving due to any issue gone-wrong, but I did express concerns about some company aspects. I was asked that if my new job isn't all that, would I consider coming back. She went on about my level of commitment and high ability.

This was the third or fourth time in as many days I've heard something similar. I swear, I'm not that guy - the one who needs that pat on the back. That's not what motivates me. But truth be told, it was kind of nice to hear.

The irony of the afternoon of course, was that while at lunch, the parent company CEO announced 1,000 people would be laid off.

Song by: the Graces

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A Lewis said...

Just make sure the son who goes down on you is over 18. Many many congrats on the job! The pic shows it beautifully.