Monday, January 12, 2009

Mexican Radio

Ok, how many songs do I own that have the word 'Mexico', or some derivation of it, in the title? Not many. Apparently.

So far having a grand time. We've done nothing touristy - meaning side trips to Ruins or swimming with the dolphins. We have done a lot of walking, sleeping and swimming.

As you all might not know, I don't sleep well usually, but here - man I'm telling you. I am out on the beach, by the pool, in a hammock or in bed. It's almost amazing I'm not falling asleep at a buffet.

Here's part of me in the hammock:

I've got legs, I know how to use them!

We left Cleveland with about 6" of snow on the ground and it coming down heavily. Since we left the house before 5:00a, the roads had not been touched. The driving was treacherous (say like Frau Blucher), but we got there in plenty of time.

So we took off at 21 degrees Fahrenheit and landed at 84. It was a great trade-off. It's been in the uppers 80s the entire time so far. We never thought to look if this is the rainy season or whatever. We just took off and it has been a hit so far.

Cleveland is supposed to get more snow and the temps hovering around zero. I'm good being where we are.

The place here is ginormous. Five hotels. Five pools. The pool we have is ok, but there are better ones. Like here: Not just because of this guy, but let's face it, he don't hurt the scenery.

We have just pool hopped and ate at the different hotels. We're allowed, since we have that bracelet they make us wear.

Denton said he is now reconsidering where we retire to - as if we're ever going to be able to retire. Not that he wants Riviera Maya, but maybe not a place that has four seasons. I think we've been watching too much House Hunters International.

So I will slather on the SPF 15. Yes, that's as high as I'm going this trip. I want the colour. I want the Vitamin D. I want the melanoma! Clearly there are folks down here who make tanning an olympic event, but that's not us.

We are waiting for Morty and George to arrive. With their arrival today will no longer double the gay couples in this place. There now seem to be quite a few two guy couples at dinner and at the pool. Gay? I can't say - only speculate.......and judge. It's what I do.

Song by: Wall of VooDoo


A Lewis said...

Is is tawdry of me to say that I'm liking that shot of you in the hammock with the legs and feet? It's some of my favorite parts!

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