Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Man With the Child in His Eyes

Since I started my new job mid-month (or actually, since I left my old job mid-month), my benefits from the former place were still good through the end of this month. Now I signed up for a high deductible health plan, so it didn't make sense to try to get a bunch of stuff done the only month I was going to be part of it. That's crazy talk.

But I did cash in on the vision piece of it. Last year I got contacts, this year, I went for a new pair of specs. You can always use those, right?

I usually feel I end up settling on frames - and the older I get, the worse my eyes get. And the worse my eyes get, the less creative I can be (for the most part) with the frames that will support the lenses needed to actually see.

So I found a new frame place. The amount they had was overwhelming, but the owner was great (and funny) and he helped me find - ok ok, he found - a new pair of frames. Not coincidentally they were the most expensive I had looked at, but the insurance made it a great deal.

...and they are a bit different.

In the picture above, they seem to disappear, which is kind of cool. In person, they look a bit more neat-o. They contain chrome accents.

The arms of the are bowed a bit and they don't even touch my temple. Nor do they wrap around my ears. That's a good thing.

But as I saw this self-picture above, it has come to my attention that I am about one step away from being Dr. Bunson Honeydew.

Song by: Kate Bush


Anonymous said...

Very cool - I like them a lot!

I love how you do a wardrobe change for each photo shoot.

Kevin said...

I think they look Fabulous on you. And I happen to like Bunson...

Anonymous said...

Handsome Blobby.

I could not find my specs this morning. Suspect the cat took them off to chew, as he likes to do. May be off to Lenscrafters tonight, as I wearing an old pair with cat teethmarks in them.