Sunday, January 18, 2009

White Rabbit

I was home all day on Friday. I had to be for two reasons - the biggest one was that it was -13 (sans windchill). It was not a record low, oddly enough. It did make it to -32 (avec windchill). I wasn't intending to wander outside unless absolutely necessary.

But while in Mexico I got a call that chairs I ordered way back in November had arrived!! Yayyyyy.

While I was in DC, I stopped in Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams. Well, "stopped in" is a fallacy. I ducked in during an unexpected downpour. I mean, I always wanted to go in each time I passed the store, but was always on the way somewhere else.

But while walking around the store, I came upon a chair I really liked and decided I wanted: The Alice. We desperately needed two chairs for our living room but had never found anything remotely appropriate. I will say this, I did hold off on ordering them right then and there before consulting with Denton. I thought this to be fair.

Upon my return home, I showed it to him on-line. There is no Gold+Williams store in Ohio, but we did have an independent retailer who carries their line - kind of. So, off I dragged him to see the chair................which they didn't have. But we ordered two anyway, sight unseen by one of us. This is a big step for the partner, trust me. We actually decided on fabric and wood colour in less than 30 minutes. This is a huge step for us both. Trust me.

So since I was going to be home on Friday, I arranged delivery from another country. Sweet! Not only that, they arrived not only between the designated time stated, but 10 minutes into the the earliest time!!! SWEET!

Here are two shots of just one chair:

It looks more slope-y than it actually is. They are bigger than they seemed in the big, wide-open store, but they work in the room. Naturally now, Denton wants to replace the sofa, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. I think it fits fine.

We will have to make sure the cats don't sharpen their imaginary claws on them though. The chairs that were there before were ruined by those non-clawed cats. Believe it or not, those pads can damage more than you think. So far so good.

Song by: Jefferson Airplane


Bob said...

We bought the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Mason chairs; love their furniture. I hadn't seen Alice before but she's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

No more spaghetti at your house. And you'll have to stop changing your own oil too.

Very nice, very nice!