Wednesday, January 21, 2009



No, not in that sassy black girl way. More like in that, I'm on my way to my first day of work, almost out the door, and my shoelace breaks, way.


I said to Denton, 'well this seems like an omen'. He claimed it wasn't. But then I went down to the campus where I'll be working and where I thought my orientation was. It wasn't. Strike Two.

Honest, I looked at my instructions, but clearly not good enough. I went to where the second day was to be held, not the first. Oy. I take complete fault for the fuck-up, but to be fair, the map they included was only for day two. The written instructions were clear. Still - why only one map? Ruckiry, (not Jon's boss) I am always early for these things, and I made the 25 minute drive to the actual location with time to spare. Don't you want me running your department?

Time enough to end up sitting through seven hours of mind-numbing 'welcome' classes and benefits talks. Snore. In all my years, they've never taught me anything that couldn't have just been put into an info packet.

Yesterday, I got to sit through four more hours. Shoot me. Then believe it or not, I had to go to my first contract negotiation discussion over in Youngstown - two hours away. Nothing like throwing me right into it. I haven't even seen my office yet. That is today.

This will be interesting. I am still not 100% sure what I've gotten myself into, but what the heck.

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