Friday, January 16, 2009


Everyone is doing it - and I'm nothing if not a follower. I made my own Obama poster. You can too. Thanks Paste Magazine!

I probably would have done it anyway, but because I have been on vacation, I needed to get something up and running.

We came back from Mexico to a 69 degree deficit. Yes, it was 73 degrees when we got to the airport in Cancun and 4 when I got to my car in the parking lot in Cleveburgh. It was a brutal awakening.

It got a lot more brutal when we got home and found someone had gotten stuck in our new landscaping and probably just spun their tires for quite a bit of time before getting free. Was it the mailman? Was it the dry cleaner? I know it wasn't the pet sitter. I do, but don't care about the $$$$ (ok, I do!), but I would have really liked someone to fess up to it with an apology.

So, I'll probably do one last vacation post with a few more pics. I'm so sorry it's over. But whatta gonna do?

Song by: Rosanne Cash

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A Lewis said...

So, I made my own Obama pic....but it was a dirty one and I couldn't post it.