Thursday, February 07, 2008

Site of the Month

Denton is the one who provided this site - which isn't too surprising. The man is into urban geography and real estate. ...and apparently snooping.

Zillow blends Google Maps and MLS services together to give you the overall nosiness your neighbors will love and hate you for (depending if you're talking about others or them). So you want to find out what houses are worth in just about any neighborhood - or what is for sale or recently sold? ....this would be your website.

But as you read the above paragraph...I don't know what 'recently' means. 1 month? 12? And what is 'worth'? Looking up our last house, it's not what we sold it for. Looking up our current house, it's not what we paid for it.

Anyway - Zillow is just kind of a fun time-killer.

Enjoy. Discuss.

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