Friday, February 22, 2008


Yet another installment in the drudgery that is everyday shopping. The camera-phone makes it a bit more fun - though I get looks whenever I take pics of products. Like I care what people think!

Is it just me - or does "Mrs. Stewart" look an awful lot like a Robin Williams?

Robin Williams as a woman - but not as Mrs. Doubtfire.

I don't even know what 'liquid bluing' is. And how does 'bluing' make white clothes whiter? In theory, it should make them bluer.....or 'more blue', as any normal person might say.


Anonymous said...

It reminds me of those profoundly morose words by Michael Johnson....

bluer than blue,
sadder than sad,
you're the only light this empty room has ever had.

......Tito, bring me a tissue.

RJ March said...

I used to use bluing a loooong time ago and it really worked so long as you didn't use too much. Think of snow and how its shadows are blue. Something that white.

Anonymous said...

A couple years ago, I took a video in a grocery store of "pink things" for a friend's b-day, and store management was all over me like white on rice within seconds.

They thought I was "store competition". So if you want to make store managements nervous, just show up with a camera!