Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Funny Valentine

Yes, it is that time of year. The Hallmark of all Hallmark holidays. The one that preys off your guilt of not saying 'j'adore' enough. Pfffffffft. Fuck that.

I mentioned not needing a day to say those three words. If you do - it is kind of a sad state of affairs. But that being said, it seems to be the most popular of my posts in terms of people searching and finding my blog. Mind you - they are searching for a Ralph Wiggam valentine card ("I Choo Choo Choose You - and there's a picture of a train on it!") and get this queers blog, but T.S.

...well, it's the most popular in the last few weeks. Seems everyone is in that seasonal mood....or mode. And no one says Valentine's Day better than Ralph.

This year I'm spending it away from my sweetie. I'm not too broken up about it - and I don't think he is either. It's not due to lack of love. It has more to do with not need THE day to do or say it. Sure it is nice to kind of celebrate it, but I can do that on the 15th, when I get home.

In the meantime, there are emails, text messages and phone calls to convey the love. And any discussion quickly turns to what the cats are up to. I guess that's what 2 decades of love gets ya.

But as the song says, he does make me smile with my heart.

There are a thousand people who cover the song....but honestly, I do love the way Rickie Lee Jones does it the best. Harder to find, as it was on a short-lived EP called Girl at her Volcano. I highly recommend it if you can locate it.

Song by: Rickie Lee Jones

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